About Me


used with permission from Kelsey Jo Photo


I’m Maria, a Minneapolis-based Certified Pilates and Group Fitness instructor that hasn’t met a Bravo show I didn’t like or a wrinkle remover I wouldn’t try.
I spend my days in front of a computer and my nights (and early mornings and weekends!) in a Pilates or Spin Studio.
I wasn’t born loving working out. I hated team sports, gym class, and sweating.
My only “F” I ever got was 9th grade gym because I couldn’t run the mile in the allotted time.
If you hate to sweat, don’t know where to start, walk around aimlessly at the gym because you don’t know how to use the machines, or stay in the back row of a class because the front row superstars intimidate you, trust me when I say, “I get it.”
Even after 10 years of teaching fitness, I feel that gym anxiety in my soul.
My love of fitness came in a series of small steps: choosing to park farther away, drinking more water, giving my body more compassion. One day, I woke up and decided to try a spin class and the rest of is history.
Turns out, all of my small steps led me to complete a marathon (figuratively).
If you’re looking to lose 20lbs in 10 days, this is not the place for you.
If you are looking for small steps to help you become your version of healthy: welcome!
I believe that movement heals and, if you find a movement that moves YOU, will change your life.

Small steps + grace – judgement = changes

This site was founded on kindness, compassion, community, and the belief that, together, we can do anything for 20 seconds.
Whether it’s through my blog, my Facebook group, or my classes, my goal is to create a non-judgmental space where every BODY is welcome, celebrated, and appreciated.

I promise: you got this.