Best Resources to Learn About Pilates

When I started taking Pilates classes, I delved head first and was pleasantly surprised with the amount of information that was available to me.

Whether you’re a student or a teacher, the below resources will help you learn more about the Pilates Method, take your practice to the next level, or held build your teaching repertoire.

The below are my go-to’s for all things Pilates but it’s by no means comprehensive.

I will keep adding as I find more and more to add to my mental file cabinet.


the below may contain affiliate links but all opinions are my own and you will not pay a penny more for clicking. 

General Knowledge and Information

Pilates Pal

Online resource and community for Pilates Teachers- a great one stop shop of information, studios, clothing, and classes.

Pilates Encyclopedia 

This website describes themselves a Pilates Wikipedia and it’s spot on. Great site for all things Pilates.

Pilates Method Alliance (PMA)

Seen as the governing body for Pilates (although that is up for debate, but I digress) the PMA has resources for instructor learning, communities, and educational materials.

Online streaming videos

Alps Movement

Youtube site dedicated to more “Pilates people, less Pilates politics”

Pilates Instructor Academy

Online Pilates classes and instructor workshops (great for continuing education when you’re unable to travel or get away for long periods of time).


Classically leaning Pilates at home videos (no equipment needed!). Great resource for instructors as well.

John Garey TV

Pilates and fitness instructional videos for at home and at the studio.

Dynamic Pilates TV

One of my favorite video resources for class flow

Carrie Pages Pilates

Online instructional videos for pilates teachers and those looking to take their practice to the next level.

Pilates On 5th

Pilates streaming service that offers over 700 classes and tutorials

Every Mother

My go to website for Diastasis Recti information and help.  Use code MSILVER15 for 15%


Pilates Nerd

Pilates blog, clothing, and accessories .

moveMNt shop

shameless self promotion alert! I’ve started an Etsy store with Pilates, Spin, Barre, and other fitness related clothing. Use the code MOVEMNT10 for 10% off your order + a free gift!

Pilates Goddess Clothing

Clothing dedicated to all things pilates

Blogs/Forums/Business Advice

Balanced Body

Great blogs on class plans, equipment repair, and pilates information

UnPoliced Pilates Perspectives

A Facebook group for Pilates professionals that is not judgmental and full of great info and people.


Great blog for Pilates Teachers and students, complete with funny memes and Pilates clothing!

Lesley Logan

Workshops and business help for pilates teachers, plus instructional Pilates videos.

Pilates Style

E-magazine for all things Pilates.

Hannah Moves

Great movement content by a Registered Physiotherapist.


Pilates Unfiltered 

A Pilates centered podcast by Jenna Zaffino. If you’re a pilates person this podcast is for you.

Am I missing any must haves that I should try? Let me know!

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