The Best Black Workout Leggings

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All reviews are my own and I’ve tried (on my dime) all leggings below.

I am a black workout legging fiend.

Black is my go-to color (sometimes when I’m feeling fancy, I’ll wear dark blue but that’s very rare)

I spend about 50% of my life in leggings (and, if I could, I would spend 100% of my life in them) so I am always on the lookout for the best ones.

If you’re anything like me you have different pairs of black leggings for different occasions: ones you wear to brunch, ones you wear to Pilates, ones you wear to run to Target.

At this point in my life, I’ve probably bought every single brand and type in existence.

I am very particular about what type of leggings I will wear:

  • high waist
  • don’t roll down/will stay up when I’m moving around
  • compression (suck it in!) but not so tight I can’t breath (oh hello thighs for the whole world to see)
  • 7/8 length (the below all have longer versions too)
  • don’t fade
  • LAST because I’ve bought so many in my lifetime that get loose and don’t stay up after 3 wears

And for a general FYI: I don’t dry my leggings and I use this detergent to keep them looking great and from smelling musty (which is a legit #workoutproblem for all of us)

Luckily for you: my wallet’s loss is your gain!

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Camo Contender 7/8 Tight (Athleta)

Even those these aren’t all black, I am still counting them. With an average review of 4.6 (out of 5), these pants have quickly become my favorite.

They have the perfect amount of compression and after many washes  haven’t gotten loose or started to pill.

I am 5’2 and the 7/8 length sits right above my ankle (which I love).


Zella Live In High Waist Leggings (Nordstrom)

Nordstrom Zella

With over 5.8k reviews and an average rating of 4.6, I had to try these and I am glad I did.

One of my favorite things about these pants is the waist band doesn’t roll, which is a huge issue with a lot of other workout leggings I’ve tried. Super comfy and one of my favorites!


Wunder Under High-Rise 7/8 Tight Full-On Luxtreme 25″ (Lululemon)

Lululemon wunder under

No list of favorite black leggings would be complete without Lululemon. I know I’m #basic but these remain my #1 (still working on reconciling my moral issues with them. Dang it Lulu!!! Get your ish together).

They are expensive but there is a reason they are considered the “gold standard” of leggings.

(As long as you don’t dry them, they will last forever).

I prefer the Luxtreme fabric because it’s thicker but the Luon fabric is a very close second.


Women’s Studio Mid-Rise Leggings 25″ – C9 Champion® Black (Target)

Target C9Target has a great line of workout pants that are very affordable.

For the price, they are the best leggings around.

Plus! They have pockets and have a super high waist. Sign me up/take my money please.



High Waisted 7/8 Length Takara Legging (Carbon 38)


I had been eyeing these for awhile and finally decided to buy them based on their almost perfect reviews.

I absolutely love them! With their shiny material and amazing compression and high waist band, I wear these out and out about a lot (regular pants are for suckers).

They tend to sell out quickly and it can take awhile to get them back in stock, so if you want them I suggest buying them. I had to wait about 3 months before they came back in stock when I finally decided to take the plunge.


High-Rise Elevate Built-In Sculpt 7/8-Length (Old Navy)

IMG_4007These leggings are deceptively simple. No fancy mesh or material but they make your butt look great (and at a great price).

My favorite thing about the leggings is that they have a soft waistband that doesn’t dig into your stomach (which also means no muffin top… they work with your body, not against it).



Power 7/8 Side Pocket Leggings (Sweaty Betty)

sb4551p_blackDamn you Instagram target marketing! You know your audience well. These Sweaty Betty leggings kept coming up on my insta and after going back and forth with my bestie (hi laurie!) if I should buy them… I broke down and did.

Turns out target marketing works, because I love them! They have a high waist, breathable, AND a pocket. What else do you need?

Even though I think I’ve tried all the brands out there, I’m sure I haven’t.
So let me know: what’s your favorite brand that I gotta try?

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