Top Equipment Recommendations To Get Your Home Gym Started

My top  equipment recommendations to get your home gym started

I am a group fitness person through and through but, sometimes, due to circumstances (my dog looks too cute to leave!) and timing (I hit the snooze button one too many times) working out at home is a must.

There are so many great apps out there that will keep you on track that there is absolutely no reason why you can’t have a great workout at home… with the proper equipment.

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61Vf99LseOL._SL1000_Yoga Mat

If you are doing any sort of workout on a hard surface or on your knees or back, a thick yoga mat is a must. I have hardwood floors so I actually have two of these for extra comfort.




I love these dumbbells because it gives me a variety of different weights to use for working out (plus a stand!).




81p-xWb4-YL._SL1500_Booty Bands

I’ve tried a lot of booty bands and these are by far the best. I’ve found more traditional plastic ones bunch and roll up. These do not hurt, stay in place, and are very effective. Perfect for booty, thigh, and hip work.




81i8-PvH0AL._SL1500_Bosu Ball

I am always squawking to clients about how doing balance exercises is essential so it’s no wonder that a bosu ball made the list.  I’ve tried a couple that have deflated super easy or the pump doesn’t work; however this brand has been my old faithful so I always come back to it.



81RLrPsVucL._SL1500_Foam Roller

Foam Rolling is so essential to to muscle recovery so I am huge advocate of adding one to your home gym. IN addition, a foam roller can be used for core, leg, and arm workouts so it’s super versatile!




weight benchWeight Bench

Having a sturdy weight bench comes in for a variety different exercises (step ups, incline/decline push-ups, core work, etc.). This one is study enough to hold your body weight but compact enough to fit in your home gym.





If you’re looking to add some cardio to your routine, this is the Elliptical I have (and use!). It’s very quiet and smooth when you pedal. One of the most affordable ones that I’ve found as well.

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