How to Fix Diastasis Recti

My secret weapon to fix Diastasis Recti?

Breath and The Dia Method. 

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Raise your hand if any of these sounds familiar:

You gave birth and looked in the mirror and thought to yourself “well, shit… my abs do NOT look the same as they did about 10 months ago”

You’ve been doing sit up, crunches, and planks for god knows how long and your stomach still looks “poochy”.

You’ve given birth months or even years ago and you’re still suffering from lower back pain, constipation, and urine leakage

If those symptoms sound familiar, we gotta chat about Diastasis Recti (aka “mommy pooch”, aka “are you flipping kidding me?!”).



Abdominal Separation, otherwise known as Diastasis Recti, is condition caused by a variety of things including hernia, straining, heaving weightlifting and, most commonly childbirth.

The separation of the rectus abdominis ( “six-pack abs”) occurs in approximately 60% of women postpartum.

Traditional “flat ab” exercises make Diastasis Recti worse.  Planks, sit ups, and crunches cause strain on the abdominal and cause them to separate even more.

So, how do you heal Diastasis Recti?

You gotta learn how to breathe correctly

Most of us breath in the the “traditional” way:  your belly expands as you breath. This type of breathing puts a lot of strain on your core and doesn’t heal the muscles.

The starting point to restore your core and your pelvic floor (oh hi, peeing when you laugh) is to learn how to breath… the Pilates way.

The Pilates breath is […] “a deep inhale through the nose, with an exhale out through the mouth, while keep your ribs knitted together and core engaged”.

But that’s not at all! To start to heal the separation, there are specific breath exercises you can do DAILY.

Wait… what?! Breathing can make your abs flatter? YES.  

I was introduced to the Dia Method (now Every Day Mother) from one of my favorite Pilates teachers.

Full disclosure, I’ve never been pregnant but I tried it so I could see first hand how it works. 

The Dia Method (aka Every Day Mother) is a GAME CHANGER.  After following the program, my core and pelvic floor has never been stronger.  I could finally do a full roll up and teaser!

I’ve recommended it to my clients and those who have done the full program have seen GREAT success with it:

  • One lost 6 inches off her stomach (she was 8 months postpartum with 4 children)
  • The other lost 3 inches off her stomach (she was 13 years postpartum)
  • Don’t believe me? Google reviews and you will be shocked at how well it works

(You do not need to be a mom to use this method… it works for anybody looking to find their abs again)

As a bonus:

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Pro Tips:

  1. Make sure you are working with a fitness professional that understands the Do’s and Don’t’s of Diastais Recti
  2. Think about trying Pilates (shameless plug! But also, it’s a game changer)
  3. Learn how to move correctly in your workouts and every day life: no planks, no sit-ups, no bicycles until your abs are strong enough to sustain that movement
  4. Practice 3-D breathing every day (at work when sitting at your desk, at a stoplight… a little bit every day helps)
  5. Did I mention trying Pilates?

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