Social Media Round Up: October Edition

One of my super powers is that I am able to go down a rabbit hole quickly and I have insomnia (oh, hello 2 am! This seems like a great time to read about serial killers).

I’ve decided to lean into that talent and harness it for good.

I work with a variety of fitness and Pilates studios and small business owners teaching them how to leverage the power of social media content so I’m constantly on the hunt for products and services to make our lives better and easier.

In the spirit of knowledge sharing, and with the hope of saving you late nights researching, here is my Social Media Round Up for October.

As a FYI: all reviews are my own and the result of restless nights researching, trying, and paying my own money to use. 


I’m in a gajillion Facebook groups about social media content creation and inevitably somebody will post “What apps do you use to create graphics?”.

About 5-10 people will chime in and say “Canva!” and then there’s me piping in to champion Over.


Don’t get me wrong, Canva is great. Free, intuitive, and easy to use… there is a reason why it’s so popular.

That being said, one of my favorite apps of all time is Over.

A subscription based app, Over offers tutorials, the ability to schedule posts, beautiful templates, and direct links to Unsplash and Pixababy.

The only downside (and I say “downside” in the loosest way) is that you can only use it on your iPhone or iPad (android people — it’s coming soon!)


I have a personal Instagram that I run like it’s the Wild Wild West.

No structure, no scheduling, no filters, a lot of dog pictures. While it works, I decided to get serious when it came to my Pilates and Fitness based Insta.

That’s where Preview App came in like a damn superhero.

Part app, part blog, part knowledge articles Preview App walks you through the process of creating a cohesive and branded Instagram.

This is also a paid app (the blog is free!) but worth it if you’re looking to make your Instagram visually pleasing.


*cue record scratch*

I know… a podcast can’t you help you tangibly create content but this podcast is a game changer for your brand.

Her story from going to a craigslist photographer to the owner of an empire will HYPE YOU UP.

Throw in her love of rescue dogs, her special guests, and her talks on being and entrepreneur… you’ll be hooked and ready to hustle.

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