Fitness Items I’m loving: September Round Up

Between teaching, my full time “regular” job, and once in awhile watching Real Housewives (jk jk I watch every single Bravo show known to humankind) I have limited time.

Due to my busy schedule (AKA: Vanderpump Rules addiction), I’m always on the hunt for products that my life easier, streamlined, or better.

Coupled with the promise of helping my workouts be better? Take my money please!

fitness products

Here’s what I’m loving this month:

(Real Talk: All products have been reviewed and tested by me at my own expense. However, clicking through to some links may lead to a small commission but you won’t pay more for clicking)

I’ll admit; I’m a bit of a garbage person. Sometimes in between my own workouts and teaching, I don’t have time to shower and/or I need to freshen up between classes.

For example: last Saturday I did a Solidcore workout from 7:45-8:30am, hustled over to a Lifetime to teach spin from 9:00am-10am, and then jetted over to Club Pilates to teach back to back to back classes starting at 11am.

(Also, I’m sorry. That totally sounds like a #humblebrag).

These tropical smelling wipes are my lifeblood. I use them on my face to keep my skin clean, use them on my underarms so I’m not offensive to clients, and use them on the parts of my body (neck, chest) to help me feel so fresh and so clean (clean).

They were the best impulse purchase I’ve ever bought at Target.


My hair stylist recommended these to me and I trust her my life so, of course, I’ll trust her with hair tie recommendations.

These are ouchless, don’t leave dents in your hair, works on thick/curly hair, and will go back to their original size. They are the unicorns of the hair tie world!

One of my favorite teachers was wearing these shoes one day and I fell in love with them right away.

I’ve been trying to find comfy shoes for when I teach Pilates because after 4+ hours standing, walking, and adjusting bodies my feet HURT.  p_23745766_127926771_2661011

I had debated buying these because of the price but after going back and forth for about 2 weeks, I decided my feet were worth ninety bucks. I’ve had them about a week and my love at first sight gut reaction was correct: these are amazing and pretty. #winwin

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